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Swarget, Pune - 411009 +91 91751 65165

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Why Considering Bizzconnect for Outsourcing

Our offshore outsourcing touch center are ready with a group of properly-certified, devoted call middle professionals who can show to be a valuable asset in imparting a host of answers for your call center wishes and solutions. Our offshore offerings encompass making your organization “future-proof”. As your outsourcing associate we keep your options bendy and remain attentive to the ultra-modern traits and tendencies. Our contact middle offers the maximum appropriate calling answers for you. Our outsourcing technique will alleviate your outsourcing risks. It is positive that the cost proposition promised by using our outsourcing unit will materialize in your firm.

We believe in service

Our offshore service provides a fee saving of fifty-60% while in comparison to an in-residence execution or call middle project execution in US. We guarantee most perfection and minimum error rate due to the fact we have faith in the incredible call management at our outsourcing middle in Pune, India. Our centers offer an get admission to to a pool of skilled call middle specialists who're well-qualified specialists, whose technical question dealing with and make contact with coping with skills had been sharpened at our offshore centers via special training programmers.

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